How to dress if you are a short woman? : Ten tips for dressing

April 10, 2022

How to dress if you are a short woman? : Ten tips for dressing

In Latin America, a woman is considered short below 1.55 meters or less in height and without shoes or its equivalent of 5.08 feet and from there downwards, for them, today we bring you the keys of how to dress if you are a short woman.

The other women are between the high and low intervals.

The optical effects that you must work on to make you look taller visually are the following.

  1. Create the illusion of completely lengthening your height: You can apply this in a very interesting way and it is precisely what you are going to discover next.
  2. Create the illusion of lengthening the legs. It is just a visual effect that we can achieve with just a few adjustments to the clothing.
  3. For example: Avoid creating too many visual cuts in your silhouette, either in the back, bottom, or in the parts of the legs.

Apply these tips and learn How to dress if you are a short woman:

  • You can lengthen your height by wearing the same color throughout your outfit. Even in shoes, beyond black and white, red, gray, purple, or a range of gradient colors, etc.
  • Wear shoes of the same range or of a similar color as the pants: This is to avoid too many visual cuts.
  • Wear straight-cut pants: If you are going to place the blouse inside, it must be at the waist and accompanied by straight-cut pants at the waist, this will visually lengthen the leg, therefore, we need the height to be seen quickly higher.
  • Wearing high-waisted pants: This is to really make you look much more sophisticated and slim because then high-waisted jeans or pants will always help your height to be greater.
  • High-waisted flared straight pants + high-heeled shoes to increase height: If you are chubby, then use a darker colored blouse and the pants can be white, but here in this detail, if you are chubby then use a darker colored blouse. darker and the pants it can be white.
  • Put heels on flared pants to look super good: short Blaser + long necklace.
  • Use solid color jumpsuits: Unicolor, blue, black, without a belt, a long tail so that your torso looks long, observe yourself full-length in your mirror. etc.
  • Wear sports shoes with a thick sole or high platform: This is in trend and you have to take advantage of it. It is recommended to wear this type of shoes. Not only Sneakers, but you can also wear platform sneakers to look tall. If possible, wear sneakers with white soles.
  • Use short or medium hair, this helps a lot. The problem is when your hair is long all the way back on your back. So you should avoid that detail. Latin women love long hair but don't overdo it by wearing it below the shoulders.
  • Wear shoes the same color as your ankle skin (Nude). In this way, it seems that he is naked. It is an aspect that they will be able to use and they will realize that they look taller because we are taking care that your legs look longer visually.
  • Wear asymmetrical skirts with shoes that are the same color as the skin on your ankles (Nude). Use short jackets, a skirt that reaches the waist and also that starts above the waist.
  • Wear shoes without ankle straps: Shoe straps create cutouts and that affects the perception of your height.
  • Wear socks the same color as your shoes in warm or cold weather. If spring starts you can wear a skirt with stockings, but I want you to wear the stockings in the same color as the shoes, which is much better with the stocking and the shoe and the mid-calf skirt to lengthen it visually.
  • Wear dark pants with dark ankle boots. For example, red wine to black gradient suits you very well.
  • Wear dresses above the knees and shoes of the same skin color (Nude) or without bracelets.
  • If you are chubby, wear short shorts and shoes without bracelets. You can still wear short shorts and shoes for hot weather. The shoe helps when it has a high platform, or thick sole and adds height. Shoes that aren't high-contrast also help, as they blend in with the skin color of the ankles.
  • Wear a Maxi Dresses skirt that matches a fall that is not too close to the body, and combine it with a short blouse, a long skirt, and ankle boots or shoes with a certain platform.

How to dress if you are a short woman  Ten tips for dressing

These are all the tips on How to dress for short women that we can share from time to time and that are part of the recommendations of our friend David Navarro, a spectacular Mexican who has a recognized track record in advice on dressing well.