Fashion is not what we see on the street

February 27, 2022

Fashion is not what we see on the street

Fashion, is the tip of a gigantic iceberg moving below. Various industries, investors, artisans who do their jobs lead us to what we wear.

Fashion is not what we see on the street, what people wear.

Both with perfumes, such as clothes, shoes, accessories are conditioned.

There are trends, winds that come from the spirit of the times, that inspire us.

We remember when women used Jean Natté perfume, Chanel 5, men used Sauvage or Aramis. That's the fashion.

We believe that those colonies no longer exist.

Fashion is not what any law says. It is what people accept and use, on a day-to-day basis.

And what do these trends depend on?

From the spirit of the times.

And where does that spirit of the times come from?

Again, from geography, from history, our two great dimensions, space and time.

The three movements of the Earth, physical, are determining everything we do and what happens to us.

The Rotation, Translation, and Precession of the Equinoxes force us more than we imagine or wish.

Is it necessary to explain Rotation and Translation?

Well we will next

The first is the turn that the Earth makes on itself, every 24 hours... day and night.

The second is the revolution that the Earth makes around the Sun. One year. 365 days.

Those two are easy to explain because they are perceptible, visible.

That of the Precession of the Equinoxes is more complex because it is slower, more imperceptible.

we will explain it

It is a different movement, which looks like a top because it is not a turn of the entire Earth.

Only the North moves, and it takes 25,200 years to do so

The South does not move

What does that mean?

That there is energy far above the Rotation, daily, and the Translation, annual, that governs us.

It is not an energy, it is only a movement of the Earth, which cannot and should not be ignored.

Something tells us, like Rotation and Translation. Obviously, but on another level.

Much more complex and imperceptible, it is 25,200 years.

Rotation and Translation are more geographical

Precession is what generates the spirit of the times.

The first two are physical. All three are actually physical.

Fashion responds unequivocally to this tremendously physical equation.

The first two are easily understandable and quantifiable equations because they are close and can be converted into graphs that can be analyzed.

The third is more complex because it deals with very great times, where you have to have a very broad mind, knowledge of history and geography, and in addition to Astrology.

There are countries that respond to fashion more than others.

What does it depend on?

of latitude.

From the distance to the North or South of the equator, from the center of the Earth.

Again, very physical, territorial, terrestrial.

Up and down, North and South, where there are 4 marked seasons if there are fashions. Not in the center

In Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela there are no fashions.

If you travel to those countries you will see people wearing striped, checkered shirts, which they have been wearing for several years.

Fashion is not what we see on the street

Fashion in these countries is marked by social classes. Not for the catwalks or the magazines

It is imported, they are not native. The great designers are gone. They live in Europe, in Miami.

And who tells those fashion designers what they are going to wear a year after making their drawings?

What will keep your companies, what will be imposed as trends, what will people wear on the streets?

The spirit of the times".

And who or what defines that?

The movements of the Earth.

And who manages those movements of the Earth?


Thus, fashion is defined, like everything, by God.