Original perfumes have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from copies.

February 05, 2022

Original perfumes have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from copies.

Perfumers can take years to produce them. They take care of many details that imitators do not care about. Precisely there are differences, and, obviously, in the results.

Differences between original perfume and copie.

Let's start with the final product. They are original, do not damage the skin, and enjoy much greater durability. It's like with whiskey and all expensive liquors: You can't open the jar or the bottle to try it before you buy it, it would be lost if you don't buy it. That is why the indicators are almost all external.

Perhaps there are only two signs that can give us a clue to its content.

The first is the bubble test. If we shake it and see some small bubbles that disappear immediately, it is probably an original perfume. The second is color homogeneity. If there is a different density, "layers" of different colors can be seen. In this case you have to distrust its originality.

External factors of the original perfumes:

  1. The provenance. If we buy from a house of proven trust and reputation.
  2. The price. If we intend to pay little money for the perfume, we expose ourselves to a fiasco.
  3. Look at the cellophane that wraps the box. It must be of good quality, perfectly adhered and show no signs of hasty packaging.
  4. The box must be of excellent material and packing form.
  5. The label and cap are important to check.
  6. Typography is worth valuing
  7. Barcode, lot number, and expiration date.
  8. We will probably also see the description of the composition of the fragrance.
  9. The bottles of the original perfumes must be smooth, transparent, and made of good quality glass, to reveal their contents.
Original perfumes have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from copies.
Warnings about original perfumes and those that are not. Horse urine has been found in some fakes. Its duration is minimal. There are large companies that are dedicated to imitating the original perfumes. They sell them explaining that they are "like the well-known brands", blatantly, with different names.

Types of original perfumes

There are concentrated ones, at 50%, which are normally applied behind the ears and on the wrists of the hands. The typical perfume is presented with a concentration of 25% < with which one caresses some parts of the body. The colonies, softer, are usually in the 15% Lotions, with 10% The splashes are around 5% concentration.

Anecdotes about the original perfumes.

The word perfume comes from French and is made up of the prefix "per" which means by, and the verb "fumare" which is "to make smoke". The first perfumes with the intention of being commercial brands appeared in 1350, produced by a Catalan doctor, and only began to be used in France shortly before 1500. For many years, moose were used as raw material, until their use was prohibited. Original perfumes are not essential products, they are "whims" that one deserves, and therefore they must be of the best quality to satisfy that taste.