Online Shopping in the USA: How to build trust

August 17, 2022

Online Shopping in the USA: How to build trust

There is a tendency to trust online purchases, especially from the moment the COVID pandemic health problem arose. Since then, nobody feels safe when entering commercial premises. No one in the fullness of life wants to die. So, they decide to trust online shopping.

But, how do trust online purchases?

Just yesterday, we analyzed a video of a story that happened to a cinematographer who was looking for a financier for his project. And by a lucky coincidence, when entering the meeting with his financier in the facilities of a hotel in London, a man of recognized social reputation greeted him with a sign of courtesy in the good style of an English gentleman.

That courteous gesture was given by Mr. Churchill, which drove the financier crazy, who ended up saying yes, to film financing.

Whoaoooo said the financier, Mr. Churchill knows you?... Ufff...of course, the cinematographer replied.

This story reveals to us the power of an acknowledgment, of a just-in-time bow. It really works like a Review.

So, here is the answer to our question about how to build trust in the digital environment.

What generates trust in the digital environment are the reviews or Reviews. The question is obvious: are you implementing this strategy in your electronic store?

If we review the digital strategy of many online stores, we can see that they are not yet implementing reviews on their platforms.

The easiest way to do this is on the same platform as woo-commerce or Shopify, however the most efficient are reviews on Google Business and Facebook Business Page.

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It's actually elementary. A person buys an item and rates his shopping experience from the moment he starts his purchase process until the moment he receives the merchandise. It is even often the case that the user or client makes another additional review to finish qualifying their Post-Sale experience.

In our store, we send our customers to leave reviews on our Google Business listing. And soon we will start doing the same with our Facebook Page.


At the moment these are the resources we have to build an online reputation for our company.