Watani Intense by Al Wataniah Eau De Parfum Unisex 3.4Oz.


Experience the essence of warm summer days and sandy beaches with Watani Intense by Al Wataniah Eau De Parfum. This unisex fragrance is perfect for those who love the warm, inviting scents of summer.

  • Bold and Intense: The fragrance is a bold and intense combination of warm sandalwood, sweet vanilla, and fresh jasmine.
  • Durable: This long-lasting perfume will keep you smelling great all day long.
  • Versatile: Suitable for any occasion - be it a casual day out or a special evening event - this unisex perfume can be worn by anyone looking to feel confident and self-assured.

Add this 3.4oz Eau De Parfum to your collection today or gift it to someone special who appreciates bold fragrances that make a statement!