Teriaq By Lattafa Eau 3.4Oz De Parfum Unisex Sweet Caramel Honey Fruity Vanilla Leather Almond Powdery Musky Animalic


Experience the delicious and captivating aroma of Teriaq By Lattafa Eau De Parfum, the perfect unisex perfume for everyone. 

  • Sweet Caramel Honey: The rich and sweet scent of caramel honey creates a luxurious and indulgent fragrance.
  • Fruity Vanilla: The fruity notes mixed with vanilla create a warm, sweet aroma that is both refreshing and captivating.
  • Leather Almond: The combination of leather and almond provides depth to this fragrance with its warm yet slightly nutty scent.
  • Powdery Musky Animalic: This fragrance finishes off with a powdery musky animalic note that provides an alluring finish to this irresistible perfume. 

Made by Lattafa Perfumes, Teriaq is perfect for individuals who seek an alluring yet luxurious perfume. Get ready to turn heads with this sensational Eau De Parfum!