Shagaf al Award Eau De Parfum For Women By Al Wataniah 3.4fl Oz Jasmine Amber Osmanthus cedar


Indulge in the floral fragrance of Shagaf al Award Eau De Parfum For Women by Al Wataniah. With a generous quantity of 3.4fl Oz, this perfume is specially crafted for women.

  • Aromatic Blend: The perfume brings together the floral essence of jasmine, may rose, and osmanthus with the warm and sensual notes of amber and cedar.
  • Inspiring Passion: The fragrance ignites your passion for flowers with its delicacy that speaks a language beyond words.

Spritz on this Eau De Parfum For Women to feel confident and beautiful every day. Let its aroma transport you to a garden full of blooming flowers where you are surrounded by nature's beauty.