Prestige By Bharara For Men Eau De Parfum 3.4oz/100ml Sweet Coconut


Capture the essence of modern masculinity with Bharara Prestige, a sweet and cool fragrance designed specifically for the joyful and contemporary man. This Men's fragrance, crafted by the renowned design house Bharara, bears the scent name Prestige. It's a signature blend that resonates with strength and longevity - perfect for all-around use.

Bharara Prestige weaves a hint of coconut into its aromatic profile. This unique blend offers a subtle tropical twist to its overall composition, making it an intriguing choice for the discerning user.

Bharara Prestige is a sweet and cool fragrance for the modern and joyful man. This scent is strong long-lasting and perfect for all-around use. It has a hint of coconut