Oud Ombre Eau De Parfum by Adyan - 100ml (3.4oz) Unisex Fragrance for Timeless Elegance


Embrace the allure of Oud Ombre Eau De Parfum by Adyan, a 100ml (3.4oz) unisex fragrance designed for timeless elegance and sophistication. 🌟

🌰 Top Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Grapefruit - A captivating blend of warm spices and citrus that creates an inviting opening.

πŸ’œ Middle Note: Lavender - Infuses a touch of floral freshness, adding a layer of refinement to the fragrance.

🌿 Base Notes: Licorice, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver - A harmonious mix of earthy and woody tones that lingers, leaving a lasting impression.

Indulge in the opulence of Oud Ombre, where each note is carefully curated to evoke sophistication and allure. Perfect for both men and women, this unisex fragrance is a testament to the artistry of fine perfumery, encapsulating the essence of timeless elegance. ✨