Orientica Luxury Collection Miniature Discovery Set (5pcs) - Unisex Fragrance Sampler


Surprise your loved ones with the Orientica Luxury Collection Miniature Discovery Setβ€”a sophisticated gift that captures the essence of elegance and luxury. 🌟

This exclusive set features five captivating fragrances, each carefully crafted to evoke a unique and memorable olfactory experience:

πŸ‘‘ Royal Amber 7.5 ml Eau De Parfum πŸ’™ Royal Bleu 7.5ml Eau De Parfum 🌟 Velvet Gold 7.5ml Eau De Parfum πŸ’› Oud Saffron 7.5ml Eau De Parfum ❀️ Amber Rouge 7.5ml Eau De Parfum

Each fragrance is a blend of sophistication and style, making this set the perfect gift for special occasions or just to create lasting memories. 🎁 Let the scents of Orientica envelop your loved ones in a world of luxury and comfort. Cherish the moments, and let the fragrances linger as a reminder of the special times shared. ✨