Marjaan Eau De Parfum By Al Wataniah For Unisex Spray 3.4oz/100ml


Indulge in the alluring scent of Marjaan Eau De Parfum, brought to you by Al Wataniah, perfect for women and men alike.

  • Top Notes: Animalic and Flora
  • Middle Notes: Floral
  • Base Notes: Amber and Tuberose

The fragrance opens with a blend of floral and animalic notes that instantly uplift your senses. The heart notes are a captivating combination of pure floral essence that exudes elegance. The base notes are an infusion of amber and tuberose that creates an alluring aroma.

This unisex perfume comes in a convenient 3.4oz/100ml spray bottle making it perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Elevate your fragrance game with Marjaan Eau De Parfum By Al Wataniah, the ultimate unisex perfume designed to make you feel confident no matter the occasion!