Lever Du Solei onyx Eau De Parfum By Zakat 100 ML/3.4Oz Woody Unisex


The Lever Du Solei Onyx Eau De Parfum by Zakat is a woody unisex perfume that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. This scent is perfect for anyone who wants to smell great and make a lasting impression.

  • Top Notes: Saffron, Animal Notes, Thyme
  • Middle Notes: Leather, Raspberry, Woody Notes, Incense, Jasmine

The combination of saffron and animal notes in the top notes gives this perfume a unique scent that can't be found anywhere else. The leather and raspberry in the middle notes add a touch of sweetness to this woody fragrance.

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Manufacturer: Zakat
  • Ingredients:


This unisex perfume comes in a 100ml bottle manufactured by Zakat with ingredients like Parfum, Citronellol, Cinnamal, and citral. It has a net weight of 1.7lb which makes it perfect for carrying around everywhere you go without any hassle.

  • Made In UAE: This product comes from UAE which makes it authentic & genuine.