La Voie Eau De Parfum by Maison Alhambra - Floral Elegance for Women 3.4 Oz


Indulge in the enchanting allure of La Voie Eau De Parfum by Maison Alhambra, a floral masterpiece designed for the sophisticated woman. 

Fragrance Harmony: This exquisite perfume opens with the delicate embrace of orange blossom and bergamot, creating a fresh and uplifting introduction. The heart notes unfold with the rich and captivating essence of tuberose and Indian jasmine, adding a touch of floral elegance to the composition. The fragrance concludes with a warm and lingering base, featuring Madagascar vanilla, white musk, and Virginia cedar.

Notes of Sophistication:

  • White Floral: Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of white florals, creating a sense of grace and femininity.
  • Tuberose: Experience the intoxicating aroma of tuberose, known for its captivating and seductive qualities.
  • Citric: The citric notes add a bright and refreshing element, ensuring a lively and invigorating fragrance.
  • Animalic: A subtle hint of animalic notes adds depth and complexity to the overall scent profile.

Elevate your senses with La Voie, where each note is carefully selected to weave a symphony of elegance. Unleash the captivating floral magic of this 3.4 oz fragrance, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.