Exotic Heritage Pour Homme EDP Spray 100ML (3.4OZ) By RUE BROCA Woody Fruity Aromatic Designer Perfumes


Experience the captivating allure of Exotic Heritage Pour Homme EDP Spray, a woody fruity aromatic designer perfume for men by RUE BROCA.

  • Fragrance: This perfume is a perfect blend of woody, fruity and aromatic notes that create an enchanting scent.
  • Bottle Size: Comes in a 100ML (3.4OZ) bottle that is perfect for daily use and travel.

The fragrance captures the essence of a serene forest grove bathed in gold, making it an ideal choice for men who are drawn to nature's beauty.

  • Sophisticated: The captivating fragrance exudes sophistication and elegance, making it perfect for any occasion - be it formal or casual.
  • Durable: This EDP Spray lasts all day long on your skin due to its long-lasting formula.
  • The woody notes give this perfume its earthy tone while the fruity notes provide freshness and sweetness to create an enchanting aroma. The aromatic blend adds depth to this scent, creating a unique fragrance that will leave you feeling confident all day long. Add Exotic Heritage Pour Homme EDP Spray by RUE BROCA into your collection today and experience its captivating allure!