Nitro Blue Eau De Parfum By Dumont For Men 3.4 Oz Sweet Amber Aromatic Balsamic Citrus Woody


Experience the irresistible charm of Nitro Blue Eau De Parfum, exclusively designed for men by Dumont. This fragrance is a perfect blend of sweet amber, aromatic balsamic, citrus and woody notes that create a captivating aroma.

  • Sweet Amber Notes: The sweet amber notes in this fragrance give it an alluring and warm scent that is perfect for any occasion.
  • Aromatic Balsamic Notes: The aromatic balsamic notes in this perfume create a pleasant and soothing aroma that will leave you feeling refreshed all day long.
  • Citrus Notes: The citrusy scent adds freshness to the perfume while providing an energetic vibe to uplift your mood instantly.
  • Woody Notes:The woody base note of Nitro Blue adds depth to the fragrance leaving you with lingering scents throughout the day.

Crafted with perfection, Nitro Blue Eau De Parfum is a must-have accessory for every man who wants to leave an impression on others through his captivating personality. Launched in 2020 by Dumont brand whose reputation precedes itself, this perfume has become popular among men from all walks of life due its exceptional quality and long-lasting effect on skin.