Falcone JASPER Eau De Parfum Unisex By Le Falcone 100 ML Hot New Rich Niche


The Falcone JASPER Eau De Parfum Unisex is a bold and daring fragrance that captures the spirit of a majestic falcon soaring through endless blue skies.

  • Bold and Irresistible: This fragrance is made for the daring and irresistible individual who isn't afraid to take risks.
  • Long-lasting scent: Experience the long-lasting scent that will keep you smelling fresh all day long.
  • Rich Niche Fragrance: This unique fragrance is a part of our rich niche collection, perfect for those who appreciate quality scents.

The Falcon Jasper Eau De Parfum opens with notes of fresh bergamot, spicy pepper, and aromatic lavender to create an unforgettable first impression.

The heart notes consist of warm amber, earthy patchouli, and rich leather accords which give it depth while retaining its masculinity. Finally,

this masterpiece settles on an exquisite base note blend that includes Vetiver from Haiti which gives it warmth while tonka bean provides sweetness making you irresistible throughout the day.

  • Treat yourself or impress someone special with this bold new scent from Le Falcone!