Ab Spirit Millionaire Dark Fusion For Men By Lomani Eau De Parfum 3.3 oz.


Indulge in the essence of masculine sophistication with Lomani's AB Spirit Millionaire Dark Fusion Eau de Parfum Spray. Designed for the modern man who values individuality and creativity, this captivating fragrance showcases a blend of distinguished, enticing, and invigorating scents. It comes in a comfortable 3.3 oz size, making it an ideal addition to your daily grooming routine.

AB Spirit Millionaire Dark Fusion opens with the crisp and refreshing top notes of green apple, cardamom, bergamot, and mandarin orange. These scents create an immediate impression of vitality and confidence, setting the stage for the complex layers to unfold. The heart notes feature a sensual mix of cumin, coriander, nutmeg, and jasmine, offering a spicy, aromatic, and subtly floral allure that commands attention.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals its base notes of vanilla, white musk, amber, and cedar. This harmonious blend provides a warm, sweet, and woody finish, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and charm. This scent profile makes AB Spirit Millionaire Dark Fusion an exceptional choice for men seeking a fragrance that exudes a sense of refinement and charisma.

From the celebrated design house of Lomani, this perfume represents the brand's commitment to crafting unique and memorable fragrances. Its overall composition makes it a versatile choice, suitable for both day and night wear. With the barcode 3610400036621, you can be assured of its authenticity and quality. Experience the distinctive aura of AB Spirit Millionaire Dark Fusion by Lomani today and let it speak volumes about your discerning taste.